Le Régulateur Louis Erard x Cédric Johner Blue

ref. 85249AA01.BVA150

Louis Erard’s new collaboration represents a new stage in the exploration of fine contemporary watchmaking. This time, the collaboration with watchmaker and jeweler Cédric Johner takes craftsmanship to new heights, as he personally hand-decorates the oscillating weight of each movement. With a sleek 39-millimeter case available in two captivating variations – blue and mauve – this limited edition release consists of two sets of 178 meticulously crafted pieces each.

That’s how a watch becomes a message. Better still, a symbol. The very image of sharing. Louis Erard has made a habit of opening up the field of vision of contemporary watchmaking, by inviting architects, artists, craftsmen and independent watchmakers. This new collaboration with Geneva-based Cédric Johner is at the crossroads of all these paths.

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Le Régulateur Louis Erard x Cédric Johner Mauve

ref. 85249AA02.BVA153

In his own words, Cédric Johner practices “intuitive watchmaking”. In other words, he makes his watches without plans. He makes a first component, then the next, which will fit in. And so on, until the finished, decorated watch. Watch after watch, one at a time, on demand, just a few units a year. He often starts with existing movements.

He loves vintage mechanisms. He selects them for the balance of their architecture, for their condition. Then he dismantles them, restores them, decorates them and reassembles them. He then moves on to the trim, which he makes in his workshop, by hand, starting with raw or barely shaped metal, which he manufactures on conventional machines. No plans, no computer assistance.

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