It all started in 1982, I was 15 years old, I started my training as a jeweler in a famous jewelry workshop in Geneva.

It was the beginning of all wonders, the observation of forms, the balance and coherence of wonderful pieces, the discovery of infinite creativity.

A watchmaking training then brought the technique, the precision, the rigor and patience, research & development, prototypes, unique pieces, and personal enrichment as well..

All of this afforded me knowledge and tremendous practice of these art crafts.

This long journey is my road that I’ve shared with you for years through my creation and it is not about to stop.

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Unique Pieces

My first motivation of the unique piece is my passion for projects and challenges. My pieces are all having something special and unique that each buyer possesses for his or her sole pleasure.

Inspiration is everywhere, it is on the ground, it is in the air. From morning to evening I’m observing, at night I’m dreaming, my imagination is permanently boiling as for me everything is a source of inspiration.

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The finishing and the decoration of the movement of a watch is primordial, it is the pleasure of eyes, it is the pleasure of purified emotion.

One never finishes watching a movement of a watch, rediscovering it each time, it sparkles with thousands of lights, it beats, it is unique.

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Tailored made pieces

The pieces I propose are born of my imagination, they reflect my personality, my wishes, my desires.

If you want to make a piece according to your wishes, please contact me by phone or by Email. Let’s discuss together all the possibilities.

"Creativity is when intelligence is having fun"
Albert Einstein

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